Tough training in the snow on The North Face Endurance Challenge New York race course. Blazing the trails in fresh snow for over 4 hours. Magical place and super-tough people.


Okay, I finally registered for my first OCR race – Tri-State NJ Beast on April 18th. I have high hopes for this one, come out and play as well. Will probably do more obstacle races after this one. Meanwhile, here are some news from Spartan Race headquarters: – The new 2015 Spartan season pass has […]


I was waiting for the official confirmation before announcing it, but YES, I’ll be racing Hardrock 100 miler next summer (that’s the one with 68,000 feet of elevation change). 1,367 pre-qualified athletes were competing for 152 spots, and only with one ticket in the hat somehow I got in. I’ll join Kilian, Anton, Iker, Karl, […]


With NYC Marathon in my legs, just 6 days later I was toeing the line at the “One Day” race by NJ Trail series. I knew that this was going to be a wild experiment – my first ever 24-hour race, and my first run on the pavement that exceeds 35 miles. I guess it […]


Already fourth year in a row I am participating in the NYC Marathon as a running guide to the athletes with disabilities (made possible by Achilles International). This race has truly unique atmosphere with over 50,000 runners and huge crowds of cheering spectators along the course. As you know, it is not very easy to […]


Happy to finish the race under 20 hours for my second win at Virgil Crest 100 on September 20th 2014. Earlier this year I have traded a well-paying career  in corporate finance for being a full-time athlete and health coach.  As a result, I was able to give my training more attention in the past months. […]

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My friend Andy Weinberg (legendary endurance athlete and race director) is happy to present his latest project: The Endurance Be sure to sign up and check out some of the toughest events that endurance athletics world can offer. 2015 registration is here:


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