Here is how not only have a delicious dinner but also get some highest quality protein and minerals after hard workouts. For those who pay attention to the “daily requirements”, the breakdown of this dinner is below the video. 682 cal; 23g protein. It includes ALL essential amino acids; 69g carbs; 24g fat; 114% fiber; […]

Here is my film about Elena Makovskaya’s 24-hour running ordeal.

To control the angle of video, use buttons in the top left corner, or just move your smartphone around. Not all browsers support the 360 feature, so if it doesn’t let you control the angle of view, try viewing it from some other device.

Photo: Blake Wood WHAT IS HARDROCK 100? If you already know the answer, scroll down a little. In short, Hardrock100 is one of the hardest 100-mile races in the mountains that has ever existed. The race is 21 years old. The time limit to complete the entire course is 48 hours. Photo: Fredrik Marmsater/100 Miles […]

­Wait, what happened? On March 8th 2015 in the heart of Manhattan I broke an official Guinness World Record “Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours”. HERE are some related news reports. UPDATE: My record was bettered on August 1st 2015 by my friend David Staley and then later – by another athlete. […]

Tough training in the snow on The North Face Endurance Challenge New York race course. Blazing the trails in fresh snow for over 4 hours. Magical place and super-tough people.

I was waiting for the official confirmation before announcing it, but YES, I’ll be racing Hardrock 100 miler next summer (that’s the one with 68,000 feet of elevation change). 1,367 pre-qualified athletes were competing for 152 spots, and only with one ticket in the hat somehow I got in. I’ll join Kilian, Anton, Iker, Karl, […]