My signature raw dinner. Here is where raw vegans get their protein.

Here is how not only have a delicious dinner but also get some highest quality protein and minerals after hard workouts.

For those who pay attention to the “daily requirements”, the breakdown of this dinner is below the video.

682 cal;
23g protein. It includes ALL essential amino acids;
69g carbs;
24g fat;
114% fiber;
169% iron;
56% calcium;
85% magnesium;
170% manganese;
77% phosphorus;
111% potassium;
16% selenium;
63% sodium;
44% zinc;
1359% vit А;
393% vit С;
197% folate;
68% vit B1;
93% vit B2;
54% vit B3;
92% vit B5;
160% vit B6;
58% vit Е;
880% vit K;
24% omega-3;
19% omega-6.

Protein profile:



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