I am a competitive endurance athlete, certified running coach, outdoor guide, and health/wellness consultant. I was born in Russia and after living in the New York City area for 8 years, in 2017 I moved to California (East Bay). In just 5 years I went from starting my running training and completing my first running race to setting one of the Guinness World Records in the endurance running.


Having played soccer since early age, I was no stranger to the concept of regular exercise. After graduating from a law school in Russia, in 2006 I moved to the United States to get my MBA degree in financial management, with a dream to build a career in finance. Everything was going great, in a couple of years I was working in Midtown NYC as a financial analyst at the headquarters of one major international company. But the office job took its toll. My life became quite sedentary and I was gradually losing my health. In 2010 I finally decided to embark on a search of a lifestyle that would be more nourishing for my mind and body.


Shortly after I discovered my winning formula: trail running coupled with completely new for me Raw Vegan nutrition regimen. I was amazed by the results – impeccable health, superhuman endurance, and more compassionate view of the world.

In order to practice endurance training and raw vegan diet safely and effectively, I was constantly educating myself, and obtained a running coach certificate (by USA Track & Field), and also a certification in  Plant-Based Nutrition (by Cornell University).

I am successfully competing in the running races that range in distance from 10 miles to 100 miles (click HERE for the race results). Among many other races, I’ve finished five competitive 100-mile running races (of which I won two and finished in second place in another one). On the social side, I maintain a popular Russian website Fruktoed.com (“Fruktoed” means “Fruitarian” in Russian), give lectures, guide trail runs and hikes with my team RawTrail.com , and do private coaching, focusing on the topics of optimal health, diet, and fitness.


I try to live in accordance with humans’ evolutionary design, which means spending time out in nature, maintaining positive attitude, getting plenty of sleep and sunshine. My diet primarily consists of raw fruit, greens, seeds and nuts (with occasional lightly processed vegan foods during races, training or traveling). I am all about constant self-improvement and pushing the limits. I wasn’t competing in any running races until the age of 27, but I found a combination of nutrition, lifestyle, and training that quickly turned me into a top-level endurance athlete.


I hope that you will enjoy this blog, dedicated to my biggest passions: Ultra-Distance Running and achieving optimal health.


My Email is DenisMikhaylove@gmail.com

Be well,



  1. Great way of living, great results! I would like to change to this diet to and I’m curios how can you handle with the protein being a frutarian, especialy for your muscle recovery and not to experience muscle “burn” and loose them.
    Thanks, keep a good active life to inspire more & more people!

    1. Andrei, thank you for the support.
      Regarding protein, the short answer is that fruits and greens have all amino acids necessary for building complete protein in human body. You can find nutritional value (and even amino acids) information regarding any raw product here: http://nutritiondata.self.com/
      There are many raw vegan bodybuilders and power-lifters who further prove that protein hype is overrated. Also, as another example, let’s look at the gorillas (our very close cousins in nature) – whose huge beasts are extremely powerful and yet they are raw vegan…

  2. Thank you Denis for sharing your experience, I am slowly embracing the raw food lifestyle into my own life. I can really see all the benefits of the raw food lifestyle although I am not really sure how to fit it all in. Since I am an endurance ‘athlete’ myself I am wondering how you make it all work. I have the idea that my body screams for carbs in a form that is ‘normally’ prescribed for endurance athletes or is this just the transition of my body adjusting to the raw food diet? How did you experience this and do you maybe have some good tips for me?
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Although you could switch to organic (a really suggested choice), the option could be pricey and may possibly
    not be easy for all create, depending on in which you reside and what is accessible
    in your neighborhood. When our body p – H ( becomes more and more acidic it starts to
    set up defense mechanisms to keep the damaging acid from entering
    our vital organs. In reality, a number of these pills can help but only if you couple them with
    lifestyle changes.

  4. How did you get into running? I am not sure how to begin or how to maintain this..

    1. Jane, please take a look here: http://www.rawtrail.com/#!/cgs7

  5. Hi Denis, your story is so inspiring! thank you for motivation, after watching your videos I turned to be 100% raw vegan! 🙂

    my channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXKwQE0P3–V8vgi-W399kQ

    1. Thank you for sharing Roman!

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