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“A Day of Running”, my short movie (russian)

Here is my film about Elena Makovskaya’s 24-hour running ordeal.

Surviving Hardrock100

Photo: Blake Wood WHAT IS HARDROCK 100? If you already know the answer, scroll down a little. In short, Hardrock100 is one of the hardest 100-mile races in the mountains that has ever existed. The race is 21 years old. The time limit to complete the entire course is 48 hours. Photo: Fredrik Marmsater/100 Miles […]

I broke a Guinness World Record in running. Now it belongs to a raw vegan guy who took on running less than 5 years ago.

­Wait, what happened? On March 8th 2015 in the heart of Manhattan I broke an official Guinness World Record “Greatest distance run on a treadmill in 12 hours”. HERE are some related news reports. UPDATE: My record was bettered on August 1st 2015 by my friend David Staley and then later – by another athlete. […]

New Personal Records: 77 miles in 12 hours, 100 miles in 17h11m.

With NYC Marathon in my legs, just 6 days later I was toeing the line at the “One Day” race by NJ Trail series. I knew that this was going to be a wild experiment – my first ever 24-hour race, and my first run on the pavement that exceeds 35 miles. I guess it […]

NYC Marathon – my very special race

Already fourth year in a row I am participating in the NYC Marathon as a running guide to the athletes with disabilities (made possible by Achilles International). This race has truly unique atmosphere with over 50,000 runners and huge crowds of cheering spectators along the course. As you know, it is not very easy to […]

Virgil Crest 100 miles – 1st place. Come prepared and have a blast

Happy to finish the race under 20 hours for my second win at Virgil Crest 100 on September 20th 2014. Earlier this year I have traded a well-paying career  in corporate finance for being a full-time athlete and health coach.  As a result, I was able to give my training more attention in the past months. […]

VIDEO – Virgil Crest 100M – September 2013.

High hopes for my performance at this year’s Virgil Crest 100 unfortunately didn’t materialize. I was going strong, but after getting severe hypothermia I had to pull out of the race at mile 86, being at the time in 3rd place overall. 70% DNF rate this year. Huge congrats to Jim Blandford with winning in […]